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Frequently Asked Questions for the Truck

Looking to book the truck but need more information? See the FAQs below to get answers!  

If you are ready to book, you can fill out the form to Book the Truck and we will get back to you within 1-3 business days!

How can I book the truck for a party/wedding/work event?

We can bring the truck to your event based on the number of people. We have a minimum requirement of 25 people to bring the truck to an event. Choose from our list of flavors and toppings and we will attempt to accommodate any special requests as well. Send us details of your event and we will have pricing sent to you within 1-3 business days!

Do you accept credit cards or cash on the truck?

We accept most credit cards and cash on the truck..

What do you serve on the truck at neighborhood/public events?

We serve cups of ice cream from the truck.

How can I book the truck for my neighborhood?

We can bring the truck to your neighborhood events for 1-2 hours if you have 15 or more families that will participate.  The truck will serve from a common location that you can determine (like a cul-de-sac or overflow lot) where people can line up. If it looks like you will have enough people signing up, please give us some dates that will work and contact us to get availability

Do you have cones on the truck?

We do not have cones on the truck. Our homemade waffle cones do not hold up well on the truck due to the heat. 

Do you mix the toppings with ice cream on the truck?

Sorry we do not have our slab on the truck! We can top the ice cream with toppings when we serve on the truck. We also do not carry hot fudge, caramel or whipped cream on the truck as they do not hold up in the heat.

Does the truck have cups/spoons/napkins etc.? Do you carry beverages?

Yes, we bring cups, spoons and napkins on the truck. We do not carry beverages.

Do you have cookies on the truck?

YES! We now serve cookies, cookie cake slices and Doozies on the truck for pre-paid events.

Is there a minimum number of people we need for you to come and how far does the truck travel?

For private parties, we can bring the truck for a minimum of 25 people within 10 miles distance from our store. For parties further than 10 miles, please contact us to get pricing and minimums.

For neighborhood events, we can bring the truck for a minimum participation of 15 families. This minimum varies depending on the distance from the store. Please contact us to get pricing and minimums for locations further than 10 miles from our store.

How long will the truck stay at our event?

We estimate the amount of time the truck will stay at the event based on the number of guests provided at the time of booking.

Do you have enough ice cream/supplies for additional guests in case there are more than estimated guests?

We are able to accommodate a small number of additional guests, but we cannot accommodate a large number. Our supplies and time window are estimated based on the number of guests provided at the time of booking. We cannot accommodate a large number of additional guests as we usually have other events following your event.

What if a guest has an allergy?

If one of your guests has an allergy, they should either pre-order ice cream in pints or quarts from the store and inform them of their allergy requirements. Or they can get ice cream from the truck before anyone else. This will allow us to use fresh scoops before they are mixed with other ice creams.

Do I need to pre-order ice cream when the truck comes to my event?

No, you do not need to pre-order ice-cream. You can place your order at the truck window based on the selections available on the truck.

Do you carry dairy free ice creams on the truck?

Yes, we have one sorbet selection available on the truck. Flavors vary, please ask the server at your event for the flavor of the day.

Do you tip the driver?

Please feel free to tip the driver at your discretion for their service!

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of my event?

We will make every effort to bring the truck rain or shine! Depending on the severity of the inclement weather however, if the driving conditions are too hazardous or there is no access to your location we will work with you to reschedule your event to another available date or time.

Still have questions? Please send us details of your event with your questions and we will get back to you in 1-3 business days.

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